Letter from the Headmaster

Agora Lledó International School – International Private School – Letter from the Headmaster

Often, we wonder what is required of an education to prepare our pupils to be citizens of the world, and we find that educating children and young people in cultures, languages and co-existence, and building and strengthening their sense of identity and awareness of their own and others’ cultures, must be the first objectives which instil in our pupils a sense of development and respect for human values as a basis for any action in life.

To do this, it is necessary to stimulate their curiosity and eagerness to investigate, with the aim of boosting their sense of discovery and love of learning. This will enable them to not only acquire knowledge but apply it everywhere they can. In a local context, with a clear, international vision.

Educators at an international school should, therefore encourage diversity and flexibility in teaching methods, taking into account the different learning styles of pupils and the many ways in which results can be obtained. We move away from, then, a unidirectional focus which does not allow for a wide variety of educational parameters. We must consider and implement fair and appropriate methods of evaluation, based not just on content but on processes, which enable us to establish true parameters of quality education (valid in an ever-changing, globalised world).

Education in the 21st century implies shaping people who are competent in foreign languages, who have broad knowledge of social studies, science and technology, maths, sports and art, and who have an interdisciplinary vision of human knowledge.

Finally, educating citizens of the world means providing pupils with the opportunities to investigate individually or in a group, discovering reasons and offering critical analysis. All this without forgetting the action and reflection derived from social and community actions, both locally and internationally, which form part of the process of collaboration and solidarity to achieve a better world.

Without doubt, at Agora Lledó International School we are committed to applying these parameters in a serious and professional manner. We know that results stem from the effort, honesty and dedication of a great team whose objective is to shape true citizens of an ever-changing, competitive, globalised world, for which the pupils of this international school, whatever they decide, will be prepared.


Luis Madrid

Headmaster of Agora Lledó International School