Our Mission

With an education programme which encompasses all years from Infant Education to Baccalaureate, Agora Lledó International School aims to provide its pupils with an all-round education through stimulating activities. We understand that happiness and motivation are key to effective learning. Our international private school, part of the prestigious educational group NACE Schools, offers fantastic facilities which help all our pupils to feel like part of a community with a positive and creative atmosphere.

What is NACE Schools?

NACE Schools is a prestigious, internationally recognised educational group with schools in 4 countries: Spain, France, the UK and India.

Our Philosophy

The Agora Lledó International School philosophy, as a school which belongs to the NACE Schools group, is based on 3 fundamental principles:

▪ Educational Excellence

▪ Global Readiness

▪ Co-curricular Excellence

The globalisation of teaching has changed how we understand the world. That’s why at Agora Lledó International School we provide a global education. We educate pupils so they are prepared to face our growing, globalised world. Whatever they decide in the future, they will be prepared.

The educational programmes at our private, international school offer high quality content in a variety of subjects. We firmly believe that music, art and sport are essential to boosting our pupils’ creative abilities.

Independent learning, self-discipline and team work contribute to the academic successes achieved by the pupils at the private, international school, Agora Lledó . We instil in our pupils the values which our experienced team of teachers uphold.

▪ Respect for others.

▪ Tolerance towards their classmates, regardless of differences in culture, ethnicity or sexuality.

▪ Social commitment.

We make sure that our pupils integrate into, and feel a sense of belonging to, our unique, global community.

Letter from the Headmaster:

Our aim is to “shape true citizens of an ever-changing, globalised and highly competitive world”. Luis Madrid.

School History:

Our school has worked with professionals who have a different way of understanding education and who apply the concept of globality and multidisciplinary teaching to daily life at school.

Educational Project:

The 3 educational pillars of Agora Lledó are: Educational Excellence, quality Co-Curricular Activities and Global Readiness.

Our Values:

The essence of our educational system can be defined with: respect and tolerance, responsibility, analysis and reasoning, self-improvement, and commitment.

june, 2018

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