International Exchange Programmes

Pupils from 5th Primary to 4th ESO have the opportunity to take part in international exchange programmes around Europe. These programmes involve spending a week abroad with a host family and participating in classes and cultural events as well as receiving an exchange partner from another country to participate and take part in cultural events too.

This comprehensive programme is very enriching for all our pupils. They have the chance to communicate with students of their age in different parts of Europe and also to appreciate the importance of language learning.

The 5th Primary pupils participate in an exchange programme with the NACE EiB Monceau School in Paris, France. It will be our third year working together with our sister school in Paris and there has been a growing demand to participate from both sides. Being our youngest participants, the students learn about independence and responsibility and observe a new culture.

The 6th Primary pupils do not at present participate in any exchange programmes as they are in the last year of the Primary School Cycle in Spain, but they do have the opportunity to take part in a summer school programme in the NACE Stonar School in Atworth, England. In this case the students stay in the boarding houses but are in contact with other international students, mainly from China, France and Luxembourg.

The 1st ESO pupils participate in an exchange programme with the NACE School, Stonar, in Atworth, England. The school at present is an all-girls school but both sexes would participate in the programme in 2017. Pupils stay in the boarding houses with their exchange partners and participate in classes and cultural trips around the school such as to the Roman Baths in Bath.

Our 2nd ESO pupils will start a new exchange programme with the Wilhelm von Humboldt Schule in Berlin, Germany. Pupils who take part in this exchange programme will have the opportunity to practice their German and Spanish as well as their English.

Finally, 3rd and 4th ESO pupils participate in an exchange programme with the Maartens College in Groningen, The Netherlands. The Maartens College is an IB school with both the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes and is interesting for our pupils to decide to choose the IB Diploma Programme.