Agora Lledó School- Facilities and Services – Library

Thanks to both its location, and the importance we place on it, the library is one of the most important and emblematic areas at our international school. Here, the pupils learn something crucial for their personal and academic lives: the importance of concentration and silence. Attention is a quality of intelligent people, who know how to focus all their interior energy on the search for a specific, defined objective. The capacity to improve our attention span enables us to improve our brain function and pushes us to conquer important goals. In addition, the library is a space in which we gather information.

Knowing how to look for information is a strength which belongs to people aware that there is a great cultural legacy open to them. Nearly everything is written in books; all that’s left is to prepare minds who know how to find it. All this is learnt in our international school library.

Our library is open from 8 am to 6 pm. Here, we welcome pupils who arrive at school early in the morning, during class time it functions as a place of study for pupils who do not have a lesson at that time, and in the afternoon it hosts activities for those pupils who stay at school slightly later.