Agora Lledó School – Facilities and Services – Natural Surroundings

The school is situated in Partida Ramell, Camino Caminas 175, Castellón, around 200 metres from the Lledó Basilica. A natural environment, surrounded by orange trees, there is a convent of nuns close by and it is also a very short distance from the urban centre.

The facilities at our international school are modern, multifunctional, and adapted to both current legislation and teaching practices. The fact that we have two buildings in this natural environment increases education options considerably. It offers us a great deal of possibilities during class time, and pupils can continue to take part in extracurricular activities at the end of the school day, which reinforces their learning and maturation.

All parts of our international school have been designed to improve their habitability and multifunctionality. In order to improve habitability, we have given the children what is rightfully theirs, what is normally taken away from them: space. The children like the school as they see straight away that it was made for them: outdoor space in natural surroundings, patios where they can play and do sport, sports areas, sports hall, etc.