Agora Lledó International School – Facilities and Services – Classrooms and Labs

The classrooms are the area at school in which pupils spend the majority of their time, and that’s why they are of crucial importance for the creation of “environments which are friendly to the brain”. Our classrooms are 55m² in area, which is more than the required area for Primary and Infant education, and the required amount of space at ESO and Baccalaureate. This extra space is used at Infant level in order to create two alternative spaces: one for activities sitting down, and the other for complementary activities (assemblies, corners, reading,…) which enables teachers to vary activities, and therefore structure general classroom activity in an alternative way, appropriate to the learning pace of the students. The large windows and the rural surroundings provide a relaxed environment appropriate for concentration and attention.

Results from the last 10 years of research into how the brain learns has taught us just how stimulating a classroom can be for pupils, and how it can be used to reinforce both learning and personal growth processes. The presence of positive messages, of high expectations, the order and layout of different elements and furniture, and the presence of basic classroom processes all provide a classroom with a crucial character vital for motivating and organising the pupils’ lives.

Not all activities can be undertaken correctly in the same space, and pupils appreciate certain activities occurring in space well-suited to their development. That’s why we have classrooms for:

    • Psychomotricity, where pupils take part in physical activities in areas with the necessary space and furniture available.
    • Music Classrooms. From the age of three, pupils go to music classrooms (percussion and string instruments) to take part in music. Every classroom contains the instruments they need (pianos, percussion, violins, violas,…) to fully take part in the activity.
    • I.T classrooms, where pupils can get used to working with the latest computers and prepare to be frequent users of this technology.
    • The dance and body movement and expression studio gives us a perfectly adapted space in which to take part in body language and expression, dance and theatre activities.

The union of theory and practice enables pupils at our international school to understand the reality of the world. In our labs, pupils have direct contact with reality and see what their eyes cannot make out on a white board. A truly all-round education should focus on practical lab sessions to enable pupils to understand, little by little, the great events of the reality which surrounds them:

    • Physics and Chemistry Lab
    • Biology Lab
    • Technology Lab