Agora Lledó International School is one great family made up of pupils, families, teachers, former pupils and school staff. Every day, we share experiences and strive to achieve our most important objective: the happiness of our pupils. To make this possible, communication and participation are vital.

As well as forming one family, we are also part of the NACE Schools international community, which organises different events over the course of academic year, bringing together the schools in the group. This offers our pupils a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, build relationships in foreign languages and see different points of view.

A great family which offers us the opportunity to become true citizens of the world!

Virtual Tour

It’s as if you were here – discover every corner of the school, its classrooms and facilities. You can see the entrance hall, the labs, the indoor pool, the dining room… step into our school and discover all our facilities!

Sports Centre

Our school has a number of outside courts where pupils can play sport, as well as a sports centre of 6,700m² which provides everything our students need for different educational and sporting activities.

Classrooms and Labs

In order to offer a truly all-round education, we understand the importance of practical lab sessions in which pupils have chance to put theoretical knowledge into practice. We have a variety of different classrooms and labs at school which are adapted to fit the requirements of each of the subjects taught there.


The library is one of the most important and iconic parts of our school, thanks to both its location and the importance we place on it. In the library, pupils learn something crucial for their personal and academic lives: the importance of concentration and silence.

Natural Surroundings

Our facilities are modern, multifunctional and adapted to meet current legislation and teaching requirements.

We have ample outdoor space: patios to play and take part in sport, sports areas, a sports hall, etc., which is all adapted to the day-to-day needs of our school.

School Services

To help our families we offer the following services: school transport, dining room, cafeteria, extended school hours, secretary’s office and a shop.

We also count on the support of our Psychology and Pedagogy Research Department (DIPP).