Agora Lledó International School – Educational Excellence – Psychopedagogy Department

Our Psychopedagogy Department (DIPP) was born from the school’s desire to have an efficient tool to complete our education task.

The pupils’ process of moving to maturity, the teaching-learning systems, the complexities of present-day family life and other temporary processes affect our task, and both teachers and parents often need the help of professionals to develop initiatives for the resolution of certain challenges in education.

For this reason, the Psychopedagogy Department’s main task is to identify the symptoms of problems early, so that correcting them is easier and more successful. All pupils, families and members of staff will find this department ready to listen at times when personal or academic evolution is not completely satisfactory.

The basic processes in which the Psychopedagogy Department intervenes are:


  • Supporting the pupils in personal and academic decision making.
  • Studying and analysing individual dynamics so as to prevent specific problems and correct them as soon as possible.
  • Collaborating on and coordinating the processes of attending to diversity: Speech Therapy sessions, Self-improvement groups, Oral Language Stimulation Programme (ELO), Flexible groups, Group Dynamics, Motivation and Attention groups.


  • The Psychopedagogy Department aims to help families to advise their children academically, when there are problems in the maturation process, when families experience changes…
  • Coordinating the “Learning together” space. This is a yearly plan of lectures designed to inform parents about the school’s education methodologies.


  • The Psychopedagogy Department offers teachers technical support with the aim of establishing mutual criteria for how to interact with students.
  • Teachers’ continued education about teaching trends used in our school project.

Research and Innovation:

  • Agora Lledó International School is at the cutting edge of research and innovation in education. The Psychopedagogy Department participates in research about significant new advances in the world of education; it proposes the development of education performance programmes in the classroom and coordinates the implementation of the most innovative psychological and pedagogical trends from recent research into how the brain learns.