Agora Lledó International School – Educational Excellence – Methodology

Agora Lledó International School is a private school which offers its pupils the best in education. Thanks to the support and experience of our highly qualified teachers, our methodology guarantees pupils’ broad academic and personal learning.

Characteristic of our methodology is innovation. The teachers at our international school guide and teach pupils to be independent, to work effectively in a team, and to think critically and creatively. However, we also emphasise the acquisition of essential skills such as communication.

  • The use of new technologies plays a key role in our teaching methodology. We incorporate I.C.T into all aspects of the curriculum, we actively promote learning, and we ensure that pupils understand the value of technology: the storage, search, analysis and presentation of information, opinions or ideas.
  • We value all pupils as individuals who learn at their own pace and in their own way. For this reason, NACE international schools incorporate support systems adapted to our pupils’ specific needs. All the schools have highly qualified staff who work side by side with our families. Our programmes welcome pupils with different intelligences, talents and aptitudes, and help them to succeed.
  • Our international atmosphere is another key aspect of our teaching methodology. Cultural experiences enable our pupils to develop their language skills as well as a sense of respect for other cultures and the ability to adapt to and work in different situations.
  • The integration of extracurricular activities in sport, art and music into the curriculum is another important characteristic of our teaching methodology. For students of an international private school, a global education which teaches them to be adaptable, to speak different languages, and to achieve academic and personal success, is vital.