Agora Lledó – Educational Excellence – Innovative Education

Our school’s methodology is characterised by innovation, guaranteeing pupils’ broad academic and personal learning with the support and experience of our highly qualified teachers. At every educational stage, the staff at our international school help pupils to develop independent learning, to work in a team and to think rigorously and creatively. This innovative education is supported by the use of new technologies. Computer Science and the use of tablets is introduced from 5th Primary onwards. In every classroom at Agora Lledó International School, there is at least one computer and a projector available for pupils to use. Teachers encourage the use of ICT in the classroom as an aid to teaching. Agora Lledó International School offers three modern, mobile Interactive Digital Learning Environment classrooms.


Agora Lledó International School is working towards becoming an Official Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate Training School. The school will be able to educate pupils in the skills required to use the Office software to its full capacity, and provide them with official certificates to accredit their knowledge.


Our school in Castellón is currently focusing on obtaining the official accreditation to become an Official Music School. We understand the essential value of music as part of a high quality, innovative educational plan.


Agora Lledó International School takes part in different programmes such as eTwinning, which establishes collaboration projects in Europe. The eTwinning programme (managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, in coordination with the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of Valencia) strengthens the following in pupils:

  • The skills to access a global professional world of opportunities, through plurilingualism
  • The ability to develop creative writing to express their ideas appropriately in any situation.
  • Personal growth and cultural development, generating interest in continuous learning.

Agora Lledó International School began this eTwinning programme by sending Christmas Cards to different schools in Europe, and will strengthen pupils’ knowledge of the traditions of each one.

In order to boost language level, Agora Lledó International School offers pupils the chance to spend some of the school year at the different NACE Schools around the world. As we are an English certificate school, pupils can take Cambridge University and Trinity College London Exams here at school.