Primary Education

Agora Lledó International School – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Primary Education

At the Primary Education phase, our pupils’ objectives are academic, and we focus on their incorporation into culture, and their autonomy. At Agora Lledó International School we use a personal methodology, and understand how to adapt this to each child’s different pace of learning, especially for those who show some type of difficulty.

The children are continually evaluated and observed by our Psychology and Pedagogy Department in order to identify any problems which may arise and work towards their resolution.

At this stage, the children hone their personality, master skills and knowledge to do with oral expression and comprehension, reading, writing and sums. They also develop social skills, work and study habits, artistic feeling, creativity and emotion, all of which is vital to ensure their success both in later educational phases and to help them develop as people.

In the Primary Education phase, our three basic pillars are still our Bilingual Programme , (50% of the subjects taught in English) and the introduction of German into the curriculum, Musical Development (4 class hours as well as participation in concerts and musical events) and Sports (Physical Education and water activities).

However, one of the greatest assets of Agora Lledó International School is our Tutors. Every pupil is looked after and guided by their tutor at all times while they are at school, which creates a safe and comfortable environment. Throughout the school year, our tutors communicate daily with our families via the pupils’ agendas, email, or the CAV (our digital platform).