Agora Lledó International School – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Infant Education

Infant Education (0-5 years old)

The Infant Education Phase is the basis for all the educational stages at our international school. In this phase we lay the foundations for all learning. At this young age, the children are yet to “set” their systems: early stimulation helps their growth and favours the multiplication of brain cell connections. At Agora Lledó International School our very youngest pupils receive all the love, care and support of their educators and specialists who work to ensure that they are happy and have fun learning. We contribute to the development of all their intelligences.

First Cycle (1-2 years old)

In this cycle, play takes centre stage. Through play, the children receive a comprehensive programme of early stimulation which includes swimming, psychomotricity, English, Bits of Intelligence, music, mathematical games and art sessions… All of this is possible thanks to the high level of care offered by our staff, who ensure that all of the children’s basic needs are taken care of (food, hygiene, rest…), as well as their professional and personal treatment of both the pupils and their families.

Second Cycle (3-5 years old)

At the age of three, the children begin our English-Spanish bilingual programme. 50% of their classes are in English (conversation, literacy, science, arts and crafts, I.T) and the other 50% are in Spanish (literacy, maths, music, swimming and P.E). To work on pupils’ motor development they have psychomotricity classes as well as P.E lessons (judo, football, basketball, dance…), which encourage the correct development of body schema. They are also introduced to the world of music with the help of music teachers who specialise in working with children of this age.

Both our teachers and the families of our pupils count on the full support of our Psychology and Pedagogy Department at all times.