Agora Lledó International School – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Baccalaureate

The majority of our pupils who decide to study the Baccalaureate have made up their minds to go to university. These two years involve a great deal of theoretical content, and it is important to follow each pupil’s progress, both academically and emotionally, closely to ensure that they reach their full potential. To do this, Agora Lledó International School has a Guidance Department which helps pupils to find the professional careers which most interest them. To resolve any doubts they may have, pupils have the chance to attend talks and fairs as well as visit some of the main universities.

It is at this academic phase, the Baccalaureate, when our pupils reach an important turning point. At this stage, pupils must have their own motivation for learning and advancing, opening up a broad professional path to them.

The school’s two main objectives at this stage are to offer pupils a high academic level, so that they can achieve the best possible results in their University Entrance Exams, but also to shape people who are capable of facing the demands of university.

Pupils can choose between two different areas or “branches”:
Social Sciences and Humanities: Social Science Option.
Natural and Health Sciences: Scientific-technical Option and Health Sciences Option.

At our school, Agora Lledó, we achieve Educational Excellence through the use of various education systems:

•We apply the best aspects of different official Education Programmes
•Segmentation by language level
•International Programme for language immersion. The course can be followed at different schools.
•Unique academic opportunities, on a national and international level.