Dining Room

Our model of family reality means that it is increasingly common to eat outside the home, since distances between work and the house are becoming greater. Education is no exception. Since its beginnings, our international school has offered a school dining room service to meet the needs of our families. To guarantee the quality of this service, we decided that we needed our own kitchen so that the food would be prepared on site. The kitchen also guarantees speed if a menu must be adapted to dietary requirements (illness, allergies…).

We have different types of menus: normal, soft diet for children with digestive problems, vegetarian menu, menu for Muslim children, diet menu and Diabetic menu. We have two dining rooms with different timetables:

  • Infant Dining Room: de 12:00-13:00h.
  • Primary Dining Room: de 13:00-14:00h.
  • Secondary and Baccalaureate Dining Room: de 14:00-15:00h.

We are fully aware that the school dining room is a key factor in our children’s diet, and provides one of the largest meals of the day. At our international scholl, as the children take part in a great deal of sport and physical activity, it’s essential that their lunch is balanced and full of nutrients. To help families balance their dinner with what the children have eaten during the day, the menu is sent out each term. The menus at are international school are designed by a dietician who carries out a nutritional study of each one.

Infant and Primary pupils have a snack included in the prices of the dining room, as they need to keep their energy levels up in the afternoon.

School Transport Routes

To facilitate access for families who live in towns close to the capital and to help them achieve the balance between work and school hours, our school offers a transport service. Our routes account for a great part of the province:

    • Route from Nules.
    • Route from Alcora.
    • Route from Torreblanca-Alcocebre
    • Route from Oropesa-Benicasim
    • Route from Onda


The school also offers a Cafeteria and Restaurant service for pupils, families and clients and the Sports Club. This services even enables families to eat the same menu and the children to allow them to check the quality of the food, or to eat with their children at school (from Primary onwards). Its opening hours are: 8:45 am – 6:45 pm.

Extended School Hours

Current schools must be sensitive to familes’ needs. Schools shouldn’t set their timetables without taking into account the frequency with which extended hours are needs, as both parents work:

  • Extended Hours before the school day from 7:30 to 9 am
  • Extended Hours after the school day from 5 to 6 pm
  • Ludoteca for families who need it, from 6 to 7 pm

Special Timetable for Bank Holidays

Agora Lledó international School opens its doors on Bank Holidays, both for our pupils and for others. We offer Ludoteca and English courses with sports, all led by specialist teachers.


Our international school has two secretaries to offer personalised attention, in the educational centre and the sports centre.


At school you can purchase school items as well as uniforms.