Our rigorous programme of extracurricular activities offers all our pupils the opportunity to develop different skills to complement their all-round education. We have various activities which seek to strengthen pupils’ skills in specific areas: our language school, our music school, sports, cultural activities and technology.

Pupils take part in extracurricular activities outside of class time, and the aim of these activities is to boost their physical, intellectual and social development. All of them offer great benefits for pupils’ development, such as learning to manage their time, organise themselves, improve their coordination, practise their oral expression, and gain self-confidence.

At Agora Lledó International School, the extracurricular activities we offer stimulate your children’s sense of team spirit and help them to burn up some energy while they have fun and relax.

A whole world of possibilities within reach!

Sporting activities with clubs

There are two sporting activities in which participants compete with clubs, for pupils at Infant, Primary, and Secondary level:

Rhythmic Gymnastics: the aim of Club Rítmica Lledó is to create great sportspeople and better people. Our school has all the necessary facilities required by rhythmic gymnasts. The club is open to everyone, pupils at Agora Lledó and at other schools.

Football: we have “Benjamín” and “Alevín” level teams competing in competitions who will follow in the footsteps of their classmates from last year, who finished 2nd and 3rd in their respective leagues. The rest of the categories are a base for future champion teams.

Sporting activities

We offer a variety of sporting activities:

Skating: a recreational activity which helps pupils to develop balance and body harmony through movement and exercise.

Judo: pupils develop their physical and mental capacity while they learn values such as teamwork and respect.

Padel and Children’s Padel: a sport which is easy to play, dynamic and fun. Some of the benefits include the development of psychomotor skills, coordination and balance.

Horseriding: children learn to understand, take care of and respect the animals while they enjoy a fun and beneficial sport.

Basketball: this year we’re offering basketball for the first time, for Primary pupils.

Yoga kids: as well as helping alleviate feelings of pressure or stress, reduce tension and improve concentration and self-control, yoga boosts creative potential and talent.

Choreography and modern dance: dance offers a whole host of benefits, both physical and psychological, which are not achieved through any other activity.

Academic Activities

We offer:

Art and ecology: in ecoart we work with recyclable materials, urban ecology models, renewable energies, gardening… with a focus on innate creativity.

Stories: through emotional stories we will work on and discover our emotions. Emotional Intelligence, confidence, understanding, and care will play a key part.

Academic support: sessions for homework, review and preparation for exams, led by a teacher.

Study techniques: it’s not just how much you study, it’s also how you study. Knowing how to study means knowing how to think, observe, analyse…

Chess: a game of strategy with depth which requires concentration and skill.

Aloha: programme of mental development for children which boosts their intelligence through calculations using the abacus, mental arithmetic and educational games.

Robotics: a fun and innovative activity designed to develop the skills and competencies necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Music and Dance School

Varied activities:

Introduction to music for children: music encourages expression, creativity and concentration, and teaches pupils to live in harmony with others.

Musical language (elementary and intermediate): classes focused on the preparation for entrance exams at elementary and intermediate level.

Let’s play together: activity focused on the formation of chamber music groups and combos.

Private Musical Instrument classes: private classes in wind, string, and percussion instruments as well as singing.

Agora Lledó Orchestra: we are the only orchestra in Castellón formed mainly of young musicians between 11 and 18 years of age.

Dance: we offer different dance and classical ballet classes for pupils in Infant, Primary and Secondary.

Language School

Our language school offers:

Infant School English Club: English classes for our little ones.

Adults: preparation for official Cambridge exams.

We Speak English English classes for pupils from 3rd Primary to 4th ESO.

Cambridge Classes: KET, PET, FCE and CAE classes and preparation for official exams.

English support: groups by level.

German: conversation classes and preparation for official exams.

French: groups by level.

Valencian: groups by level.

Chinese: groups by level.

Swimming School

Water is a tool for enrichment from the very first months of a person’s life through to adulthood. It’s an activity which offers emotional, recreational, pleasant and stimulating experiences. At Agora Lledó International School we do swimming classes for babies, for children aged 2-3, children aged 4-6, for “blue level”, for competitions, and for adults.